What is your Return & Cancellation policy?

Because all orders are made-to-order, they are non-returnable. However, if your product has flaws or defects in workmanship, please contact Splatink.  Re-produced orders may be printed using a different printing method. Due to dye lot variances, some shading differences may occur on occasion beyond our control.

Preview Images
Images shown on this site are for representation only. Exact placement and size of graphics may vary due to size of garment ordered. Color of print and color of garment may vary slightly due to dye lot variances.

When will my purchase be delivered?
Orders will be available for pickup within two weeks of the store closing.

What appears on my credit card statement from SplatInk?
A charge from Paypal as payment to SplatInk will be listed.

How do I start my own store or fundraising campaign?
Contact SplatInk via email or by calling (940)782-6011